Semester for students of Dutch and Flemish universities 2018

Are you interested in the modern Middle East and would you like to dive into the fascinating culture? In spring 2018, the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo offers a semester ‘Middle East Studies’ for bachelor students from the Humanities and the Social Sciences. Cairo, a bustling metropolis in the heart of the Middle East, will be your classroom.

MA students can apply for the programme with permission from their departments and with different assessment criteria.

Programme description

The interdisciplinary semester programme will transform you from someone with a mere interest in the Middle East into a specialist of the region. The programme consists of 15 ECTS of content courses and 15 ECTS of Arabic language acquisition (with courses at both the beginning and more advanced levels). Apart from classroom instruction, weekly excursions and study trips will enrich the experience of Cairo and the Middle East as a whole.

The semester will run from 28 January to 24 May. Parallel to this programme the BA semester Arabic & Islamic studies will be taught.

Overview of the courses:

Content courses:
- A History of Cairo
Gender and Religion in Contemporary Egypt

Arabic language courses:
- Egyptian colloquial Arabic 1
- Egyptian colloquial Arabic 2
- Modern Standard Arabic 1
- Modern Standard Arabic 2

Please be advised that students with a higher level of Arabic will be placed in higher level classes.

Practical information

The programme will be held during the spring semester of 2018 and is open to second and third-year bachelor students from the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

To register for the spring semester of 2018, please fill out this form before 1 December, 2017 and send it to (with 'Registration Middle East Studies Spring 2018' as the subject of your e-mail).


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