MA Semester Arabistiek en Islamkunde 2017

Bekijk hier het MA programma voor het najaar van 2017.

Programme description

The MA Semester Arabic & Islamic Studies at NVIC is a 30 ECTS programme targeted at MA students Arabic & Islamic Studies of affiliated Dutch and Flemish universities. It is designed to expand and perfect the students’ oral and written skills in Modern Standard and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, as well as their knowledge of the literature and social, political, and religious phenomena of the Arab world and Egypt in particular. The programme is designed to be complementary to the programmes of participating universities in Flanders and the Netherlands. The NVIC offers the students more practical experience than s/he is able to gain in Flanders or the Netherlands. Additionally, the research skills of the student are further developed, particularly in reference to the writing of the MA dissertation. The MA Semester Arabic & Islamic Studies is an intensive programme. The course load is 20 hrs/week; students are expected to attend and actively participate in classes, and complete regular assignments.


Admission to the programme is subject to the following conditions:
1. The student has successfully completed a Bachelor in Arabic & Islamic or equivalent;
2. The student has the written permission of a lecturer at the home university to join the programme;
3. The student is registered at one of the affiliated universities during her/his stay in Cairo;
4. The student has acquired a basic proficiency in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, more specifically the equivalent of the first ten chapters of M. Woidich & R. Heinin-Nasr, Kullu Tamām: Inleiding to de Egyptische omgangstaal, Amsterdam 2000. This may be achieved as part of a curriculum or through self-study.

If maximum capacity is reached, an admission test will be organised.


The programme consists of the following course modules:
Advanced Skills in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic  5 ECTS
Advanced Skills in Modern Standard Arabic 10 ECTS
Texts in Context I: Arabic Literature 5 ECTS
Texts in Context II: History, Society and Religion 5 ECTS
Research Seminar 5 ECTS

Costs and charges

Participants are charged EUR 160 at the beginning of the programme for course and study materials as well as excursions within Cairo. Additional costs may be incurred for excursions outside of Cairo. Students are expected to own a copy of the above-mentioned handbook and a dictionary.


Application forms must reach the institute ( by 28 June.

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