Survival Arabic Group Lessons 2017 (Level 2)

You are working or studying in Egypt but find it hard to communicate in Arabic and interact with Egyptians? Then this course is perfect for you. In ten weeks’ time, you will enhance your communicative skills in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic needed to engage in basic social interactions. Scheduled in the evenings, this course can be combined with your professional activities.

Registration for the course: Registration Form 2017

Please note that this course is level 2 of the "Survival Arabic Course". A new beginner's course will commence in September 2017.

Course description

This 22 hours interactive course in Egyptian Colloquial Arabic is the second level of the Survival Arabic Course. In this level, the focus will be on using verbs to express different daily situations. The course is based on a communicative approach in which the communication between instructor-students and students-students are the main tools of teaching. Authentic tasks related to the daily routine, invitation and services are used in class activities as well as for homework. The course targets students and professionals living in Egypt who in their daily life have to communicate with Egyptians. The course also makes use of peer-work and games in the classroom in order to enhance communicative skills. Course material will be in Arabic script.

Course outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  •  Use the present tense and subjunctive to talk about different daily situations.

  •  Describe his/her daily routine.

  •  Invite someone, accept or decline an invitation.

  •  Use active language to ask for services.

Course materials

Louis, S. (2008). Kalimni Arabi Bishweesh – Units 7-10. Cairo. The American University in Cairo Press.
In addition, handouts and audio recordings for listening exercises will be provided by the course instructors as additional materials.

The instructors

NVIC’s language instructors, all native speakers, are formally trained to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, and have a long-standing experience in teaching Arabic (including Egyptian Colloquial Arabic) to undergraduate and graduate university students as well as diplomats and professionals residing in Egypt. Our teachers pride themselves in being up to date on the latest theoretical insights in language teaching, ensuring the efficiency of our teaching methods.

Target groups

This course targets professionals and students who reside in Egypt and intend to enhance their communicative skills in everyday social interactions. Some basic knowledge of Arabic and the Arabic alphabet is required (equivalent to our basic Survival Arabic Course). If you have not taken this course an assessment interview is part of the registration.

Practical information

The Survival Arabic Group Lessons span ten weeks from 16 January – 27 March.

Classes take place every Monday from 6pm to 8pm, in the institute’s up-to-standard facilities.

On Monday 27 March there will be an oral and written exam.

The course fee is EUR 200, including all course materials.

The registration deadline is Thursday, 5 January 2017.

A minimum of five students is required and a maximum of fifteen students are accepted.

To register please fill out this form and submit it, either in person at NVIC (Sundays through Thursdays from 9 am – 12 noon) or by sending the form to

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