Cursusaanbod NVIC

NVIC biedt gedurende het jaar verschillende cursussen aan die toegankelijk zijn voor een breed publiek. U kunt zich nu inschrijven voor de volgende cursussen: Intensive Beginner's Course Egyptian Colloquial Arabic en Survival Arabic Group Lessons.

Wekelijkse Lezingen & Films

Het NVIC organiseert wekelijks lezingen (op donderdag) en filmavonden (op zondag). Tijdens de zomerperiode (juni-augustus) is er geen lezing- en filmprogramma. In september gaat een nieuw seizoen van start en hopen wij velen van jullie weer te mogen ontvangen!


Eerste indruk van Cairo: door onze stagiaire Fanny Hovers

Never having been abroad for much longer than three weeks consecutively, coming to Egypt for well over five months is quite the adventure for me. My enthusiasm and excitement was not shared by all those around me back in Holland. “You’re going to Cairo, all alone? That seems dangerous, there are as many people living in Cairo as Flanders and the Netherlands combined!”

Cleveringa lezing: 27 November

On 27 November our institute, with the generous support of the Netherlands Embassy in Cairo, will organise its yearly Cleveringa-lecture. A seminar/conference during the day is organised in cooperation with professor Dr Petra Sijpesteijn of Leiden University. The topic of the seminar is " Informal requests for support and mediation (on paper and/or papyrus) in Egypt (from Roman times until the Ottoman era) ". We have invited a number of excellent scholars from Egypt and abroad to contribute and most have promised to present a paper on this topic. It promises to be an interesting day! The programme of the day will be announced on this website in due course. The Cleveringa-lecture itself will this year be read by professor Sijpesteijn.

A few words on the latest news at the NVIC from director dr. Rudolf de Jong

Dear friends of the NVIC, Last academic year 2015-16 at our institute ended with saying farewell to Dr Stijn Aerts, who had been our Assistant-Director for Arabic and Islam Studies for a year. Unforeseen circumstances led to his decision to return to Belgium. We shall miss his valuable contributions, dry sense of humour, and wish him all the best for the future. In July we had a round of interviews in Brussels to select a new Assistant-Director to take Stijn’s place. I am very pleased to announce that Dr Ifdal Elsaket (PhD, University of Sydney) will be our new Assistant-Director as from 1 October this year.